Fun projects

A design fiction ad

Sometimes, humor is the best way to let people see and understand something personal, intimate or just cope with the absurd side of us. In this project we tried to show how technology feeds the greedy Narcissus inside us.


The week about Film making fundamentals gave us an overview of the basic stages of film production that can be applied to basically any type of film regardless of origin and size.

We came up with the story for a futuristic product that will change our relationship with fiction media…

Heroes of 2020

Our fascination with heroes starts in our childhood and follows us in different ways. Should we stop admiring them or should we try to become one of them every minute of our lives? We were seriously asked to find out how would be the heroes of 2020 but we wanted to find out if that was a good question.

Heroes of 2022 (Critical Design exercise with Jan van Toorn)


The workshop intended to offer us theoretical and practical tools for an editorial approach of visual production. It concentrated on the diversity of means of the critical ‘journalistic’ tradition in media that works in the tension between realistic imitation and self-conscious artifice, i.e. between representation and presentation.

The workshop focused on the editing and meaning building process.

In reaction to the virtual realism of the spectacle dominating mainstream media, which prevents a meaningful use of word and image, the workshop deals with textual, visual and other practices that further more complex and argumentative forms of communication and foregrounds the constructed nature of messages in order to solicit the active interpretation of the viewer/reader. That is why the emphasis is on the potentialities and richness of the ‘reflexive’ or ‘dialogic method’, trying to recuperate the specificity of its projective and emancipatory practice. Taking the social workings of the message as a starting point the workshop focusses on the editing and making process, introducing a method which structures the collecting and editing of information in a way that lays the foundation for the staging, the mise-en-scene of fact and vision to the multiple sensory tracks of the visual.