I have more than 15 years of working experience as a visual designer, as a developer and as a teacher.

Design, education and interaction are the words that define what I really enjoy doing. My passion is to explore the intersections and possibilities between them.

Designing learning experiences

I am interested in developing ideas for a better learning and education. Learning for me is a personal process of adventure and discovery. Education is the social system of schools. Both are a field full of possibilities of improvement.

My vision is to bring education to the everyday lives of children through good communication using the correct technology thanks to a well designed content.

Right now I am studying a Master in Interaction Design in Umeå Institute of Design. My intention is to broaden my views on different processes (like participatory design, cocreation, design ethnography), and, above all, take a glimpse of design research through practice.

See my cv for more information.

You can see more professional work in the studio I created and ran for ten years :::aspectocomunicación.

Contact me

  • T (Sweden): +46 703 115 778
  • T (Spain): +34 722 276 450
  • M: marianovelamazan@gmail.com


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